Need windows, roof or furnace?  Other home repairs?  Apply now!  The Village of Mazomanie has a Community Development Block Grant for Housing Rehabilitation.  The funds will be loaned at 0% interest to eligible households for home repairs.  Applications are accepted on a first come first serve basis.  There is no cost to fill out an application and all information submitted is strictly confidential.

Funds are available for the following types of projects:  Homeowners:  These funds will be lent to eligible households for home repairs.  The loan is a 0% interest, deferred payment loan – you do not pay it back until you sell the house.  Landlords:  Installment loans are available for landlords who rent to tenants that are low- to moderate- income.  The loan is a 0% interest loan.  The loans can be used to make the following repairs:  Handicap Accessibility, Replace Windows & Doors, Roofing, Electrical Upgrades, Connect Water and Sewer Lines, Painting, Siding, Porch Repairs, Repair/Replace Heating Systems, Water Heaters & Plumbing Systems.

Low- to Moderate- Income guidelines for the Village of Mazomanie:  Family Size – 1, Income Limit – $54,950.00.  Family Size – 2, Income Limit – $62,800.00.  Family Size – 3, Income Limit – $70,650.00.  Family Size – 4, Income Limit – $78,500.00.  Family Size – 5, Income Limit – $84,800.00.  Family Size – 6, Income Limit – $91,100.00.  Family Size – 7, Income Limit – $97,350.00.  Family size – 8, Income Limit – $103,650.00.

For more information or to obtain an application, please contact Sue Koehn at the Housing Program Office at 1-800-552-6330.

Funds are limited, so apply now!