Mazomanie Cemetery


The Mazomanie Cemetery is owned and operated by the Village of Mazomanie.  The Village Board shall have the sole control of the cemetery.

  1. Columbarium Niches may be purchased from the Village of Mazomanie from the Village Clerk.  They are priced at $900 for the top row, $850 for the second, $800 for the third, and $750 for the bottom row.  Each niche holds the cremated remains of one person.
  2. A burial grave (or graves) may be purchased from the Village of Mazomanie through the Village Clerk at the cost of $650.00 each. Included in this fee is the cost of Perpetual Care (see item 3).
  3. Each grave space shall be used for the remains of one deceased person, the cremated remains of two persons, the remains of one deceased person and one child or the remains of one deceased person along with the cremated remains of another deceased person.
  4. Care of grave lots shall include cutting of grass, weed removal around the stones, trimming of trees that obstruct the roadways or get in the way of maintenance and any work as may be necessary to keep the lots in neat condition. This does not include maintenance of monuments, trimming or removal of trees that grow over monuments or planting of flowers or shrubs.  All of this work shall be performed by a caretaker hired by the Village Board.
  5. Monuments – Certain restrictions apply to monuments to be placed in the Mazomanie Cemetery. Lot owners or monument dealers should contact the Village Office for specifications before proceeding with the purchase of a monument.  The maintenance of the monuments is the sole responsibility of the lot owner or their family.  The Village of Mazomanie will not be responsible for the maintenance of any monument, including mausoleums.
  6. General Care of Lots – Fences or enclosures around graves are prohibited. All grave sites should be kept level with the surrounding ground.  No trees or shrubs are permitted to be planted on lots or graves.  Flowers are permitted to be planted next to the stone only.  Artificial flowers and/or wreaths are prohibited from November 1 to April 1.  Any artificial flowers and/or wreaths that remain after November 1 will be disposed of.
  7. Rubbish – Positively no rubbish is to be dumped or left anywhere in the cemetery, over or against fences or by the roadside.
  8. Vaults – All graves must have a vault or concrete liner to prevent the settling of the ground with the deterioration of the casket and deceased.
  9. Cremations – All cremations are to be buried by Tom Linley, grave digger for Mazomanie Cemetery. His phone number is 608-798-2564.
  10. Placement of objects around graves – For maintenance purposes, any items to be placed around graves must be placed as close as possible to the headstone. The headstone is placed at the farthest end of the grave as possible.  In most sections of the cemetery, it is the farthest west end of the grave.  In no instance may pavers, stones or other objects outline the grave.  No items may be placed farther than the back of the headstone.
  11. Decorative stones and pavers – Decorative stones and pavers may not be placed on or around the graves or headstone.
  12. Placement of benches – Any benches that are placed on a grave must sit on a concrete slab that has been poured at ground level.

The above are general guidelines of the rules and regulations of the Mazomanie Cemetery.  For more detailed information, contact the Village Office.

In conclusion, please help your cemetery officials cheerfully and willingly.  They are trying to honor our dead, and only by your united interest and cooperation can these things be accomplished.