Community Building

Use of the Mazomanie Community Building 

The Mazomanie Community Building can accommodate a variety of uses and includes and stage, hall and kitchen in addition to small meeting rooms.  Requests for use must be made during working hours, Monday – Thursday 7:30 – 4 and Friday 7:30 – noon, at the Mazomanie Village Office, 133 Crescent Street; telephone (608) 795-2100 or by e-mail to Angie Volkman at or Tara Roessler at

Building Rental Fees

Priority of use

  1. The Village Board of the Village of Mazomanie reserves the right to preempt the use of any part or all of the Community Building for the purpose of holding elections, public hearing, or other meetings required for the operation of Village government.  At least one day of advance notice shall be given by the Village Office to any user of the need to pre-empt reserved space.
  2. All scheduling shall be on a first-come, first served basis.

General regulations

  1. Any storage of property overnight or after the event must have prior approval of the Village Administrator and will be subject to a storage fee.  If this is not arranged, the deposit will be forfeited as well as any property left behind.
  2. Any scheduling changes must be immediately reported to the Village Office. Failure to comply will result in termination of use and forfeiture of fees.
  3. All fees must be paid in advance. Each room, area or separate time slot reserved shall constitute a separate use subject to fee.
  4. Reservations for consecutive use shall not exceed six months and may be made no more than sixty days in advance. Renewals shall be made no more than sixty days in advance of the anniversary date.
  5. Refunds for reserved but terminated use of space shall be made upon notice to the Village Office. In the event that a user is pre-empted, each pre-empted use shall be refunded.
  6. All users shall clear their assigned space of equipment and bag their debris after use. The building shall be returned to its condition prior to the event or better.  A dumpster is located outside the Crescent Street entrance.  A deposit will be charged, which will include a key deposit and a clean-up deposit.  If the cost to clean the building is higher than the deposit, the party who reserved the building shall be billed for the remainder of the clean-up costs.  If a key to the Community Building is lost, the building shall be rekeyed and the cost for the rekeying shall be taken from the deposit.  If they cost to rekey the building is higher than the deposit, the party who reserved the building shall be billed for the remainder of the rekeying costs.  If the billed costs are not paid, the billed party will not be allowed to rent the Community Building until the costs are paid.
  7. Failure to comply with regulations may result in the denial of use by the Village Board. Any prepayment may be forfeited.