At its April 27, 2021 meeting the Mazomanie Village Board heard from a number of village residents who expressed concerns regarding the large number of feral cats running at large in the village.  Their concerns were primarily health-related and included cat feces in the lawns of residents where small children play, the potential for spread of disease from animals that had not been inoculated, spayed or neutered, and said animals taking up residence on the property of non-owners.  After discussion it was the consensus of the board that these concerns were valid and should be addressed.


Chapter158, Section 158.1 of the Village of Mazomanie Municipal Code addresses the issue of at large animals as being “off the premises of the owner and not under the control of some person by leash”.  An owner is described as “any person owning, harboring or keeping a dog or cat, and the occupant of any premises on which a dog or cat remains or to which it customarily returns daily for a period of 10 days is presumed to be harboring or keeping the dog or cat….”.  Section 158.6 (C) (1) states, “No person having in his possession or ownership any animal or fowl shall allow the same to run at large within the Village”.  Penalties for violation of this ordinance are discussed in Section 158.23 and detailed in Article 1 of the municipal code, Sections 1-3, which provide for penalties of “not less than $25.00 nor more than $1,000” for a first offense and “$50.00 nor more than $1,000” for a second offense with “each violation and each day a violation continues or occurs as constituting a separate offense”.


It is fully expected that resolution to the problem of at large animals will be discussed and formalized at an upcoming village board meeting to include live trapping and relocation, identification of persons who own, harbor or routinely feed such animals, and aggressive enforcement of violations of the above-described village ordinances.


We need your cooperation to resolve this problem voluntarily.  No one, especially members of the village board, prefers to solve a problem with a heavy-handed approach.   This issue, however, is of significant concern and before it gets out-of-hand needs to be addressed.  If you have any responsibility for these animals or are feeding them, please work with us in the effort to humanely trap and by discontinuing any feeding program which encourages such animals to remain in the area.