The Mazomanie Police Department is working to improve response time to emergencies by making sure homes and landmarks are easily identifiable to emergency responders.  The Police Department has teamed up with the Public Works Department to get address markers at parks and trail heads in case of an emergency.  Deputies also want to remind residents that their homes should have visible house numbers displayed as part of the municipal ordinance.  By having clear address markers, emergency responders can more quickly arrive at whatever emergency they are responding to.  In the near future, new address markers will be on display at the village garden, Wolf Run trailhead, Lake Marion and Lion’s Park.

The Police Department has also teamed up with the Mazo Hardware Hank to encourage residents to get building numbers on their homes.  If residents tell the cashier at Mazo Hardware Hank that “the police department set them”, they get a 10% discount on the purchase of their building numbers.